Staub vs Le Creuset: Which is better?

Staub and Le Creuset are well-known and costly French cookware brands that are best for providing enameled cast iron products, including Dutch ovens. They are high-quality, reliable, and versatile cookware that have gained reputation and popularity among home cooks and professional chefs. While they are relatively similar, there are some points to distinguish them from one another; keep reading to find the right one suited for you.

Staub Vs. Le Creuset: Which is the best Dutch oven?

Both Staub and Le Creuset are renowned French brands; they represent superior products with outstanding properties such as excellent heat retention, even heating, durable, fitted lids, and lifetime warranty. The choice between two brands depends on personal preference and specific needs. There are some distinct factors when comparing Staub and Le Creuset Dutch ovens for you to consider: 

CriteriaStaubLe Creuset
Original materialUses a dark gray or black enamel coating on the inside. It means it is less likely to show natural scuffs, scratches, or discoloration in the cookware.Uses a traditional colored creamy white enamel coating on the inside. The lighter color makes it easy to watch out for the browning level of the food you’re cooking.  
Lid fitA tight-fitting lid with self-basting spikes helps retain and distribute moisture evenly, giving you food in moist and flavorful dishes.The lid designed with a domed shape allows for more space and fits with larger cuts of meat or poultry.
HandlesLarge handles ensure a secure grip and easy handling; you can easily lift and carry the pot even with oven mitts.Has a side handle made of cast iron, ensuring a secure grip. However, it tends to be small and close to the pot, so you can meet challenges to grasp with oven mitts
PricingBecause both are high-end brands, the price is similar. But Stuab is a bit cheaper.  Le Creuset is a bit more expensive.  
Care and StorageThe black interior hides leftover food, so you should be careful when cleaning. You should not clean it with a dishwasher. Dishwasher-safe.



  • The tight-fitting lid with unique self-basting spikes on the interior makes Staub work well at slow-cooking methods like braising and stewing, keeping the food tender and flavorful.
  • The matte black enamel interior coating is known for excellent browning and caramelization capabilities.
  • Excellent heat retention is best for simmering soups, stews, and stocks.


  • The Staub’s heaviness makes it challenging when handled with a filled-food pot. 
  • Staub is a high-end cookware, so their price tends to be expensive.
  • If not handled properly, the enamel coating can chip over time.

Le Creuset:


  • Distribute heat evenly, allowing for consistent and even cooking.
  • The enamel coating is durable thanks to its resistance to chipping, cracking, and staining capabilities.
  • Easy to clean with the smooth and non-reactive enamel coating and safe with a dishwasher. 


  • Relatively more expensive than other options in the market. 
  • The knob handle is a bit small and less heat-resistant than other brands.
  • The larger size may take up considerable space, so you need to store it in the cupboard or shelf space.

FAQ relate to Staub and Le Creuset

What is the difference between Staub and Le Creuset?

There are many differences between Staub and Le Creuset Dutch ovens, but consider these factors when deciding to choose one for cooking:

  • Interior: Le Creuset has a creamy white interior, while the Staub Dutch oven is dark gray. The difference between the two is worth considering when you want to see the food’s browning level to timing. The lighter color of Le Creuset Dutch is more beneficial in this situation; it also makes cleaning easier.
  • Weight: Stuab is heavier than Le Creuset, holding heat more evenly and for longer. In contrast, the lighter of Le Creuset helps for an easy handle with a filled-food pot. 
  • Lid fit: The Staub’s lid is tighter than the Le Creuset’s, which means it has higher heat resistance which is best for slow-cooking methods like braising and stewing. 

Why are Staub and Le Creuset so expensive?

Staub and Le Creuset are high-end products, reflecting their quality, craftsmanship, and brand reputation. High-quality cookware is a long-term investment because of its durability and performance. 

Staub and Le Creuset employ premium materials for the manufacturing process. For example, when it comes to Dutch ovens, they use cast iron, which is excellent for heat retention and even heat distribution. Furthermore, cast iron has a durable enamel coating, enhancing the quality and longevity of the cookware. These brands also come with warranties or guarantees to further support their products.

Can a Staub and Creuset Dutch oven go on the stovetop?

Both Staub and Le Creuset Dutch ovens can go well on the stovetop. Because of their cast iron construction, these pots can withstand high heat and distribute it evenly throughout the cooking surface.

What cookware do most chefs prefer?

Staub offers a wide range of products known for their excellent craftsmanship and performance. For example:

  • Staub Cocotte, or Dutch oven, is the brand’s signature product line. This heavy cast iron pot has a tight-fitting lid, which helps retain moisture and distribute heat evenly. It is best for braising, roasting, and slow-cooking methods.
  • Staub Grill Pan is a cast iron pan that has raised ridges to mimic the grilling effect. Searing steaks, grilling vegetables, and browning are all you can do with it. 
  • Staub Skillet, or frying pan, is a versatile cookware that goes well with various cooking techniques. It is coated with a smooth enamel and is perfect for frying, sautéing, and browning dishes. 

Le Creuset is known for products with vibrant colors, durable materials, and excellent cooking performance. Some of the famous name cookware items they offer such as:

  • Le Creuset Dutch Oven, or a cocotte, is the brand’s iconic product. It has excellent heat retention and distribution properties, making it ideal for slow cooking, braising, roasting, and baking.
  • Le Creuset Grill Pan is a cast iron pan with raised ridges that create grill marks while excess fat drains away. It is best for indoor grilling, searing steaks, cooking burgers, and grilling vegetables. 
  • Le Creuset Braiser, a wide and shallow pan with a tight-fitting lid. You can use it for raising meats and vegetables, as well as shallow frying and simmering. 

Regarding cooking ability, the Staub is the superior vessel and is slightly less expensive. But the easy-to-clean and smooth, non-reactive enamel coating of Le Creuset is also highly impressive. Ultimately, when deciding to choose between Staub and Le Creuset Dutch ovens, it depends on personal preference and specific cooking needs.