How To Cut Frozen Meat?

Cutting frozen meat can be a challenging task for those who don’t know how to do it, but there are some ways to get the job done fast and efficiently. Read on to learn more about these methods. 

How to cut frozen meat 

1. Using a Regular Knife 

Using a regular knife to cut frozen meat may be challenging and dangerous. Below are steps you can follow to do it safely:

  • To minimize the danger of harm, wear a cut-resistant glove on the hand while holding the meat.
  • Choose a heavy-duty one with a strong and sturdy blade; for example, a chef’s knife or a butcher’s knife. 
  • It would be much easier to defrost the meat partially before cutting it. Leave it at room temperature for 30 minutes or use a microwave’s defrost function on low power. 
  • Use a damp kitchen towel or a silicone mat on the cutting board to create a stable cutting surface while cutting the frozen meat.
  • Hold the handle firmly and place the blade against the meat; try to put more pressure to cut through the frozen meat. Moving the knife with a rocking motion back and forth to cut through the meat.
  • Repeat these steps until you get the desired cuts or portions. It can take more effort when cutting through frozen meat than defrosted meat. Be patient and gradually take the process to reduce the risk of accidents. 

2. Using Electric Knife

An electric knife is better than a regular knife for cutting through harder materials like frozen meat. Here is step to step guides when you want to use an electric knife to cut meat:

  • Put the frozen meat on a sturdy surface, and ensure it won’t move around during the cutting process, such as a cutting board or a clean, sturdy countertop.
  • Plug in the electric knife and turn it on. Read the manufacturer’s handbook first because some models may need a safety lock or trigger activation.
  • Hold the electric knife firmly; one hand puts on the handle and the other puts on the back of the blade.
  • Guide the knife slowly and steadily through the frozen meat. You don’t need hard effort; let the blade do the work. Moving the electric knife back and forth with a sawing motion. Rock the blade back and forth or slightly angle it for especially tough areas.
  • After cutting the meat, turn off the electric knife and unplug it from the power source.

3. Using Butcher Saw

Owning a sharp and suitable butcher saw designed for cutting through frozen meat can take less effort when doing this process. Following the guidelines below when practicing this process:

  • Use a cutting board or a clean, sturdy countertop to put the frozen meat on. 
  • Hold the butcher saw firmly; one hand put on the handle and the other put on the top part for stability and control.
  • Mark the meat area you want to cut, and begin sawing back and forth with long, even strokes. Put steady and moderate pressure; the saw’s teeth will work for the rest. Do the process at a slow and steady pace. Rock the saw back and forth or put more pressure to break through for especially tough areas.
  • Once completed, properly clean and store the butcher saw for future use.

FAQ relate to the topic Cut Frozen Meat

Can I slice frozen meat with an electric slicer?

It depends on the model you use. Electric slicers are typically used for slicing cooked or thawed meats, but today some models can cut partially frozen meat (defrost the frozen meat until it is only about 20% frozen). Therefore, it’s essential to check the manufacturer’s requirements and guidelines to ensure that your electric slicer is acceptable for slicing frozen meat.

Is it better to slice meat hot or cold?

The best time to slice your meat is when it has time to rest. You need to wait a few minutes after the cooking process with heat before slicing or serving it. Meat now will be much juicier than meat immediately sliced after taking it off the heat. 

Does meat get tougher the longer it’s frozen?

Yes, meat can get tougher the longer it’s frozen; it can change in texture and quality. When meat is frozen, Ice crystals form within meat’s muscle fibers when it is frozen, causing damage to the cell structure. When the meat defrosts, the ice crystals can breach the cell membranes and release moisture, which can cause a decrease in tenderness and juiciness.

Can you cut frozen meat with a reciprocating saw?

Cutting frozen meat with a reciprocating saw is possible in terms of technicality. But it is not a safe or suitable method for food preparation. Reciprocating saws are power instruments primarily used for construction and demolition tasks, meaning that they are not ideal for use in the kitchen or food processing.

Using a regular knife, electric knife and butcher saw are common methods to cut frozen meat fast and efficiently. Following the guidelines above is essential to ensure safety and the best results when doing the process.